News and Updates

News and Updates

 We have finalized a Excellent Life Program. Here is how it is organized; it consists of three main steps i.e. the process.

1. Know where you want to be.
2. Know what you need to do
3. Do it

These steps are simple bu powerful. Each step consists of four parts. These means there are twelve parts to the program. They can be summarized as follows:

Step 1: Know where you want to be.
1) Discovering your dreams.
2) Discovering your dreams
3) Eliminating limiting beliefs and behaviors
4) Creating a vision for your future

The other two steps continue in like manner following a similar pattern.

Now, who can enter for the program? Young up to the old, but not primary school children. Everyone needs a Life Coach. The methods or platforms of delivering the Life Coach program is flexible, as follows:

1) Face- to- face meeting, or
2) Through email, or
3) whatsapp or
4) Social networks like Facebook (privately)

– May be for a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year, or for a life time.


– Varies between E250.00 to E500.00 per months
– For school children: Can go down to as far as E200.00 per month and this may depend.

When does this start?

– Right now
– Some forms will have to be filled.

Come and join the Life Coach program. Do not wait.